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~ Made In The Tradition of The Old West ~
New Books
  #B501 - Packing Iron Base Price:  $0.00  
Description:  By Richard Rattenbury. Study the artristry of the craftsmen who designed and made the gun leather of the old time cowboy, trooper, lawman and Hollywood heroes. OUT OF PRINT

  #B502 - Cowboy & Trappings of the Old West Base Price:  $0.00  
Description:  By Bill Manns and Elizabeth Clair Flood. A pictorial essay of the old time cowboy and his gear. OUT OF PRINT

  #B503 - Cowgirls Base Price:  $45.00  
Description:  By Elizabeth Clair Flood. A tribute to the women of the frontier.

  #B504 - End of the Trail - The Life of a Cowboy Base Price:  $50.00  
Description:  The Life of a Cowboy visualized through the collection of Jack Nicholls' artifacts of the American West.

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